Back To School with God

Back to School with God 2017 materials, a resource for churches, explore the story of Solomon, a WISE KING who KNOWS GOD, KNOWS HIMSELF and who PLEASES GOD.

These resources are intended to inspire prayer for schools, encourage Christian pupils and staff in their daily life and challenge them to live out their faith.

A Back to School with God Sunday is an opportunity for churches to pray for and support the school community at the start of a new year

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We have some exciting and busy few months ahead of us. From The Big Gather in April, to It’s Your Move Lessons during the summer term, with Camps and Missions taking place in June, July & August. Come September Making Your Mark will be back. Not forgetting the ongoing distribution of the quarterly Bible reading notes & Sunday School material, school assemblies & SU groups, growing the E3 districts, meeting our new General Director and celebrating 150 years of Scripture Union!

These are only a few of the highlights from the diary! So don’t miss out!!
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Are you a teacher, a church leader or a youth worker involved in taking assemblies in primary schools? If so, we hope that our Bible Timeline Assemblies will be of interest to you.

What if assemblies didn’t have to be random and unconnected from week to week? What if there was a programme to follow – so that each individual assembly followed on from the one before and led into the next one? What if each of those responsible for leading assemblies in any particular school were able to follow the scheme and had resources available to help them lead the assembly? What if the assemblies were strongly Bible-based and tied in to the RE Curriculum for controlled schools in Northern Ireland?

These were the questions that led to us developing a series of 72 assemblies designed to take children through the Bible over the course of three years. Is this a scheme that your school would be interested in? Or is this a scheme that you as a group of church leaders and schools workers could offer to deliver in your local primary schools?

If so, check out the programme overview and the assemblies available so far at Most of them are best suited to KS2 or whole school assemblies, but many could be adapted for KS1.

The full series will be available from September 2017. In the meantime, if you are able to use any of these assemblies we’d value any feedback or suggestions you may have to help us make them as user-friendly, Biblical, context-appropriate and engaging as we can. Please send your comments to: