Primary School Coordinator

Paul Cameron

Contact: 028 9045 4806
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The main focus of our work in primary schools is on supporting those who run Scripture Union groups there. These are voluntary groups that meet at lunchtime or after school to help children explore and live out the Christian faith.

We also have staff members, volunteers and resources to help with RE and assemblies.

SU Groups

 What Is An SU Group?

An SU group is a voluntary group, which meets regularly within the school and is designed to help pupils explore the Bible and live out the Christian faith. The leaders are approved both by the school principal and by Scripture Union.

Our vision is to give pupils the opportunity to meet and be transformed by Jesus through the establishment of a community that is Bible-based, discipleship-oriented and mission-focused in every school in Northern Ireland.

Each group is free to develop a programme relevant and appropriate for its own circumstances and for the children who attend.

 Starting A Group

If you are interested in starting a group or registering a group, please let us know! The Primary Schools Coordinator would be pleased to meet up with you to discuss the practicalities, show you some resources and offer support. You can contact him by email by clicking here or phone 028 9073 4365.

Support from SU

To update the details of your SU group and avail of resources for registered groups click here and use the log in details sent to your SU Co-ordinator. We are committed to supporting those who run Scripture Union groups in schools both prayerfully and practically.

Scripture Union staff members make it a priority to visit SU groups and to support groups through visits, mailings, training, advice and ideas.  Get in touch with Paul or your local E3 Worker to find out more.

RE & Assemblies

Scripture Union staff members are available to take assemblies in primary schools within the greater Belfast area and where there is a local E3 Schools Worker. To find out if there is someone available to take assemblies in your area, please email Paul by clicking here or telephone 028 9073 4365.

We are also in the process of developing a series of 72 assemblies designed to take children through the Bible in the course of three years. As well as giving an overview of the Bible story, the assemblies provide an opportunity for children to explore key Christian beliefs and their application to life today. These Bible Time Line Assemblies are free to download and may be used by teachers, ministers and others who lead assemblies regularly in primary schools.

RE Lessons

SU staff and volunteers are also available to contribute to RE lessons in primary schools. There are a number of specific lessons that we can offer, all linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Religious Education. Click here to find out more.