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The past few days have been quite different to the previous two weeks, with a lot more admin to be done and letters to be sent for what is still the beginning of a new school year. We were set the task by the schools team of folding booklets and sending letters to teachers in charge of SU’s in schools and to the pupils who will be attending our Making your Mark weekend next week. Although it may not the be the most glamorous of jobs, it is necessary work that needs to be done and being involved in this has helped Paul and I realise the amount of unseen work that is done to keep organisations going and appreciate the effort people put into sending letters to us!

It hasn’t all been admin this week, we had the blessing of being a part of Tuesday morning prayers, which was great for a number of different reasons. Firstly that Colin, the current E3 district manager, took the prayer time on what is his last week before starting with CFC Belfast. It was great to hear from Colin and his word’s of encouragement to everyone before he moves on to the next part of his journey. Secondly, Colin’s wife Laura made the most amazing Carrot Cake and I think I speak on everyone’s behalf in saying thank you Laura! Finally for the the scripture that Colin brought from 2 Chronicles 20 “The Battle is not yours but God’s.” and for us to stand in God and let him fight for us in all our struggles. I think the idea of letting someone else fight on our behalves is quite foreign to us at times and requires us to swallow our pride. It is something that I will hopefully develop over the coming year; that I can’t do everything in my own strength, but only through God’s strength. I wonder what the battles are that you face, spiritually, physically, emotionally do you let God take the fight??


Prayer Focus

  • As our staff team seeks to produce useful Biblical resources for schools and churches this term, pray for discernment in choosing which of the many good ideas are the best ones to invest in.

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  • Moyallon Primary School

    Nettlefield Primary School

    New Bridge Integrated College

    Newry High School

    Newtownards Model Primary School

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