I shop in the Resource Centre


What information do you ask for?

If you come into the shop to look at resources, or if you purchase resources then we don’t ask you for any personal information.  If you choose resources for which you want us to invoice your church (e.g. Sunday School prizes), then you will give us your name, an address, phone number, email, church name, and church treasurer’s details.  If you pay by credit or debit card, then some of your card details will be recorded on our copy of your receipt.


Why do you need this information?

If you want to be invoiced then we need this information to invoice your church.


Who do you share my information with?

We don’t share your personal details with anyone else.  Information on invoices may be checked annually by our auditors.  If you pay by credit or debit card then this will be processed by World Pay (for more information on World Pay please see our Third Parties section).


How is it kept secure?

Current invoices are kept in a file in the Resource Centre.  There is no unsupervised access to the Resource Centre.


For how long do you retain my data?

General invoices are kept in the current file for several months and then archived to the store.  All financial records must be retained for at least 6 years for legal purposes.  When they are no longer relevant they are securely shredded.