I’m applying for a post with SUNI


What information do you have?

When you email to ask for an application pack, your name and email address (and, where relevant, how you heard about the opportunity) will be recorded for statistical purposes.  It can be helpful for us to track the proportion of people asking for application packs who subsequently apply for the post, and it can be helpful for us to assess the relative effectiveness of different modes of advertising a post.


When you apply for a post with SUNI the application form will generally ask for your name, address, phone numbers, email, church, church leader’s contact details, your education, qualifications and employment history.  You will also give the name, address, phone and email of 2 or 3 referees along with an indication of whether or not you give permission for us to contact them before an interview.


Depending on the post, the form may ask for information about your experience, skills, and character and how they relate to the shortlisting criteria, whether or not you have a full, current driving licence and access to a car.  You may also be asked for information on your faith journey, your interests and your Biblical understanding or any other information which is relevant to the particular post as advertised.


You can also indicate if there is any long-term medical condition or disability we need to be aware of to assist us in complying with our statutory obligations to give applicants with disabilities full consideration in our recruitment procedure or any specific requirements we should be aware of should you be invited to interview.


Why do you need this information?

This data enables you to show us how you fulfil the person specification for the post so that we can shortlist the most appropriate candidates for interview, and ultimately appoint the best person for the role.  Your contact details enable us to keep in touch with you throughout the recruitment process.  Your referee contact details enable us to ask for references at an appropriate juncture in the recruitment process.


Who do you share my information with?

Only those staff and committee members directly involved in the recruitment process (GD, PA to the GD, staff from the relevant department and staff/committee members involved in shortlisting and recruiting) will see any of your information.  We treat your application with confidentiality.


How is my data kept secure?

Your original application form is kept securely in a locked filing cabinet.  Copies are made for each member of the shortlisting committee and interviewing panel.  All copies are shredded as soon as the post has been filled.  Those on the shortlisting committee and interviewing panel may make notes about you based on your application form and/or answers at the interview.  A spreadsheet showing the basic contact information of all applicants is compiled and used throughout the recruitment process to enable relevant staff to contact applicants in an efficient way about interviews etc.


For how long do you retain my data?

Your original application form will be held securely in a locked filing cabinet for at least a year after the last unsuccessful candidate has been notified.  These forms will then be destroyed securely along with any shortlisting/interview notes.  The successful candidate’s form will form part of their employment records.  Information on who requested application packs and the spreadsheet of basic contact information of all applicants will be deleted from our computer system after the recruitment process is complete.