Working with Churches

Working with local churches underpins all that we do at SUNI.  So if you are a church leader, a youth worker or simply someone involved in your local church, read on to see how we could resource, train and support you in your ministry to children and young people.

Reaching out to Schools

All the children in your local area may not come to your church, or any church, but they all go to school.  Is your church doing all they can to be active in the mission of school?  How can you best support teachers and pupils from your congregation as they share God’s good news in their school?  Would you like help with thinking through contacting schools, preparing assemblies or taking RE lessons?  Come on in to the resource centreor get in touch to chat about what your congregation could be involved in.

Camps and Missions

Do you know if any of the SU camps or missions are happening near you this summer?  Have a look to see what is happening in camps and Missions .

Are many from your congregation volunteering as team members this summer?  Why not interview them about their experience on their return or send them out with a commissioning before they go?  The experience they have on their team can contribute so much to how they serve at home.  They will have been trained and developed as they learn to communicate and share with children and young people the good news of Jesus.


In today’s culture training is something that we see in every aspect of life. Within church life, being trained in the different ministries we offer can be extremely helpful.  At SU, we offer training to churches or groups of churches on many aspects of sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people, as well as thinking about developing leaders and creating programmes.  We have a long experience in this area and are keen to share that experience and knowledge with others so that we can further God’s kingdom!

If you are interested in training for your church then please get in touch


In church, resources are so valuable.  Whether that’s for Sunday School material , Bible reading notes , Holiday club material, study material or simply good Bibles for different age groups.  We have all of those in the SU Resource Centre and would be delighted for you to come and see us any time to have a look or to phone up and order materials over the phone.  We will do our best to help you.  All of the profits from the SU resource centre go back into the ministry of SU so buying from us supports our ministry with children and young people!

We also offer training in using the materials such as iight material or holiday club material.  If your church would benefit from that then please just get in touch!

Get in Touch!

For any enquiries about churches or if you are interested in someone coming to your church to deliver training or to share about the work of SU then please contact us.

phone 028 90 454806
write 157 Albertbridge Road, Belfast BT5 4PS