Building Blocks 2014

Building Blocks is a Conference to support those working with children in their local church, community or school and to encourage others to be involved in this vital ministry. These Conferences are organised by children’s ministry leaders from a broad spectrum of Christian Churches and organisations throughout Ireland.

The Belfast conference is on Saturday 15 November in Assembly Buildings, Belfast.

This year’s Keynote Speaker is Lucy Moore

Lucy has been at the forefront of “Messy Church” which started in England a number of years ago as a way to engage families in creative worship in a relaxed atmosphere. Since then the Messy Church concept has spread all over the world where groups will meet and share food together, explore the Bible, worship in different ways and get involved in creative activities centred around the Bible story.

However, the conference is not just about Messy Church! There are lots of other great seminars to choose from – led by some great speakers – offering a variety of practical ideas that can be used in any area of ministry with children.

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Prayer Focus

  • As our staff team seeks to produce useful Biblical resources for schools and churches this term, pray for discernment in choosing which of the many good ideas are the best ones to invest in.

Pray for Schools

  • Moyallon Primary School

    Nettlefield Primary School

    New Bridge Integrated College

    Newry High School

    Newtownards Model Primary School

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