Camps & Missions GDPR

The law on data protection is changing. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be in force from 25 May 2018. ┬áThis will mean a change in how we handle volunteers, children’s and young people’s data.

Below are some guidelines from the Leaders’ Weekend. It is important that these are followed.
Any questions or concerns please get in touch with Jonathan.

SUNI are still working through what this means to us as an organisation, so this list may change. We will notify you of any updates as they become available.


  • Password protect your computer
  • Set up a different account if more than one person uses the same computer.
  • Password protect files being email. (Do not include the password in the body of the email.)
  • Use for all correspondence connected to your team.
  • Think – what information is needed and by whom and why do they need it.
  • Missions – Who Are You Forms
    Camps – Booking and Health & Transport Forms

    • Where are they kept before team?
    • During team?
  • Read the monthly SU Email.