Check out some of the questions frequently asked about Camps & Missions.

What is Scripture Union?

Scripture Union is a worldwide interdenominational Christian organisation founded in 1867. Scripture Union (Northern Ireland) aims to introduce people to the Christian faith and encourages daily Bible reading.

As a parent, what should I know about SU Missions?

Each year Scripture Union organises a series of missions for children and young people. In Northern Ireland these missions have been run for over 100 years. The emphasis is on fun and companionship, with the important dimension of learning more about the relevance of Jesus Christ today.

What should I know about camps?

As with Missions, camps and holidays having been running for many years in Northern Ireland.  Programmes are planned to appeal to everyone. Swimming, day trips, outdoor and indoor games and crafts are on offer at most holidays as well as the more specialised activities listed in the holiday descriptions. Everyone helps with routine tasks, like dishwashing.

Who will be looking after my child?

SU Missions and Camps are staffed by volunteers from all walks of life. Teams work under the supervision of team leaders who are appointed by Scripture Union. All are carefully selected for their leadership abilities and experience. Team members are vetted by the SU office and according to child protection legislation. The camps and missions are not run for profit, and all those who attend, including leadership team members, share expenses. Daily activities are planned with safety and enjoyment in mind, in line with SU’s agreed policy on child protection. Each camp and mission has its own qualified appointed person for First Aid, and all activities are carried out under careful and qualified supervision.

Will I have to pay for my child to go on an SU Mission?

There is no charge for children attending SU Missions. Optional excursions may have a small charge and there will be a bookstall at each mission where children can buy books.

Will I have to pay for SU Camps?

Yes, all SU camps have a fee attached.

What does the price include?

The price includes all full board and accommodation, activities, equipment and excursions unless otherwise stated. The cost of travel to holidays outside N.I is included in the fees, but the cost of travel to N.I holidays is extra. In both cases details of travel arrangements will be sent out by the leader approximately one month before the holiday commences. In some cases, parents and guardians are responsible for the travel arrangements to and from the holiday venue. Personal spending money (not included in the price) may be deposited in the holiday bank for safe keeping. All holidays have a tuck shop (or nearby shops) and a bookshop.

What about insurance?

All SU holidays and missions are covered by a Public Liability (3rd party) Insurance Policy. Please note that some activities listed in the brochure may change due to insurance restrictions unknown at time of print.

Further Information

For more information on Scripture Union Camps and Missions contact Paul Jardine on 028 9045 4806.