Leadership Development is a training programme run for Camp and Mission volunteers. The course is run in two stages  – Phase 1 which takes place in November and Phase 2 which will be running in February/March.

Phase 1 is for those who show leadership potential and their team leaders would like to develop for future leadership roles. It’s an opportunity for both SU and the team leaders to invest time in these volunteers, help them think through the area of leadership and develop the obvious gifts they already have in that field.

Phase 2 is for those volunteers who are stepping up into leadership roles within their teams. This may be as overall leader, assistant leader, section leader or taking responsibility for one particular area of their camp or mission.

We’re excited about this year’s Leadership Development Course Phase 1 as we’ve lots of new potential leaders who sprung up from our summer teams!  If your leader has recommended you for this course then you wil have received an email and a letter of invitation from us.

This year’s course will take place on 3 consecutive Thursday evenings during November 2012 – Thursday 15th, 22th and 29th.  Each session will take place in the Scripture Union office from 7.30 – 9.30pm.

We will take you through 3 interactive teaching sessions all focused on your leadership potential!

Thursday 15th November-
You and God – Led by Sara Graham (Chairperson of the Camps & Missions committee).  This session will explore attitudes of the heart and allow you to think through your relationship with God – the most important step in being a person of influence.

Thursday 22th November-
Tools for Leadership – Led by Phil Howe (Secondary Schools’ Project Worker).  Practical on the ground advice about how to lead – whether that’s now or in the future; a toolbox that you can use in any setting in which you are seeking to be a person of influence.

Thursday 29th November-
Developing your Gifts – Led by Julie Mehaffy (Volunteer Development Officer).  This session will focus on the person God has made you to be.  What are your gifts and how can you develop them?

After the 3 sessions are complete we would love you to meet with your leader to share some of what you have learned through the course and how this might influence you next summer or as you serve God in other capacities.

See below for the content of our Leadership Development Courses.  You’ll find all the recordings, powerpoints and handouts from each session. Please take the time to have a look!

Phase 1 – November

Session 1 – You and God (Sara Graham)
Listen / Powerpoint
Session 2 – Tools for Leadership (Rick Hill)
Listen / Powerpoint

Session 3 – Developing your Gifts (Louise Irwin)

Listen / Powerpoint / Gifts Audit / Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Phase 2 – (recorded March 2011)

Session 1 – The Heart of Leadership – David Dunlop


Session 2 – Listening to God – Christoph Ebbinghaus

Session 3 – Being Pastoral – Stephanie Wethers


Session 4 – Getting Ready – Alastair Aicken and Gareth Irwin