Scripture Union Northern Ireland

Job description:       General Director

Reports to:                Scripture Union Northern Ireland (SUNI) Board of Directors (Council)

Location:                   Albertbridge Road, Belfast


The role of the General Director of SUNI is, under the guidance of God, to provide inspirational leadership for staff, directors, committees, volunteers and supporters of the organisation, in the following areas:

BIBLICAL ENGAGEMENT: to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer so that they may come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and grow in Christian maturity becoming both committed church members and Christians with a servant heart.

COUNCIL: Partner with the Chair of Council to ensure they have all relevant information to carry out their governance responsibilities and be responsible for progressing the outworking of all Council decisions.

STRATEGY: Develop a strategic plan in partnership with the Council to further make God’s Good News known to children, young people and their families throughout Northern Ireland.

STAFF: Inspire, motivate and encourage staff, both in their own personal development, and in expanding the ministry with children and young people, as they work in partnership with volunteers.

VOLUNTEERS: Inspire, motivate and encourage volunteers, in their ministry with children and young people and their families.

PARTNERSHIP: To develop effective working relationships with churches and other Bible-based agencies, working with children, young people and schools in order to enhance synergies. Develop and deepen relationships with major funders and supporters of SUNI.

RESOURCES: Work in partnership with the Finance Director to ensure that all resources are prudently and effectively managed and to further grow income streams to allow SUNI to meet its strategic aims.

COMPLIANCE: To ensure that SUNI complies with all of its statutory and regulatory obligations, and that all policy documents are regularly reviewed and up-dated as necessary.



  • To encourage regular Bible engagement by all ages through promotion of Bible reading materials.
  • To model effective Bible engagement in every aspect of their teaching, training and preaching.
  • To make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families.


  • Accountable to the Council for all aspects of SUNI’s operations and responsible for the enactment of Council decisions.
  • Ensure the flow of information to Council is frequent, accurate, timely and includes financial, operational and ministry information.
  • Ensure that the Council is made aware of all issues that may have an impact on the good standing of SUNI and its ability to fulfil its ministry.
  • Ensure that the working relationship and communication between the Council and the Senior Management Team is effective.
  • Undertake other reasonable tasks as directed by the Council.


  • In conjunction with the Council, to develop and maintain the strategic direction and heart of the Scripture Union in Northern Ireland, and to participate in the decision-making processes of the SUNI Council.
  • In partnership with the senior management team, develop a strategic plan, which is financially viable, implemented efficiently and reviewed regularly and communicated to staff and volunteers.
  • Fully engage in all Council decisions and provide leadership to the Council in the strategic planning process to fulfil the primary aims of SUNI.


  • Working with the senior management team, manage the staff, including participation in their appointment, pastoral care, leading, motivating and directing, agreeing personal objectives and monitoring progress towards their achievement in fulfilling their ministry.
  • Encourage staff in their personal walk with God and to maintain high standards and levels of integrity.
  • Ensure that all staff are properly qualified, trained and made aware of opportunities for further training and personal development, both within the Scripture Union family and through other training agencies.
  • Develop and maintain an environment of openness and trust through regular staff meetings, clear two-way communication, effective annual appraisals and establishing clear mechanisms for staff evaluation and effectiveness.


  • Inspire, motivate and encourage volunteers in order to grow the number and breadth of volunteers committed to SUNI.
  • Contribute to volunteer training
  • Actively engage with volunteers from all SUNI’s ministries.
  • Develop relationships with the chairs of key committees.


  • In order to promote the Aims, Beliefs and Working principles of Scripture Union, and to contribute to, and profit from, the development of Christian thinking in Northern Ireland, the post holder should develop and maintain good working relationships with:
    • Youth and Children’s departments of the major church denominations.
    • Other youth and children’s ministry agencies.
    • Local church congregations.
    • Religious and educational bodies.
    • Current and potential major funders.
  • Explore ways of engaging with smaller donors to encourage them to give regularly to the work of SUNI.
  • Develop and deepen relationships with major funders and supporters of SUNI.
  • Be an active member of the Scripture Union Britain and Ireland network as well as actively supporting the work of Scripture Union International.
  • Be the public face of SUNI and be an effective advocate and ‘champion’ for Scripture Union ensuring that it is effectively represented locally, nationally and internationally.


  • Oversee the effective administration of SUNI, which includes acting as Company Secretary to the Limited Company.
  • Ensure that all of SUNI’s management, organisational structures and HR processes are fit for purpose and that procedures are strictly adhered to.
  • In conjunction with the Treasurer and Finance Director review and report to the Council on the financial position of SUNI, through timely and suitable internal budgetary controls, monthly management assessments and statutory accounts.
  • Regularly assess the state of the physical assets of SUNI, including the Headquarters Building, recommending actions required to maintain good working conditions.


  • Review regularly SUNI’s Risk Register, identifying risks and appropriate mitigation. Findings should be presented to Council at least twice a year.
  • Ensure that SUNI complies with all requirements and obligations of the Charities Commission and Companies House including submission of audited accounts and annual report.
  • Ensure that SUNI complies with all current Employment and Environmental Health and Safety legislation.
  • Ensure that all internal policy documents are current, accurate, and are reviewed on a regular basis including all policies on Child Protection and Protection of Vulnerable Adults.