SUNI Podcast Season 2 #Episode 1

SUNI Podcast Season 2 #Episode 1

New Podcast series out now! We have a new logo, a new format and a new media intern putting it all together #ThanksJosh! This month’s focus will be on how can people who served in the summer benefit the local church throughout the year? Check it out, click subscribe or why not even give us a review. Happy Listening

SUNI Podcast Season 2 #Episode 1

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Prayer Focus

  • This would normally have been one of the busiest weeks in the SUNI Missions calendar.  Pray that the children and young people who would usually have attended a mission will still encounter God and continue to grow in Him this summer.

Pray for Schools

  • 6 Grosvenor Grammar School

    7 Harding Memorial Primary School

    8 Hardy Memorial Primary School

    9 Harmony Hill Primary School

    10 Harmony Primary School

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