Ashleigh’s Recommend List



The Mosaic series features twelve undated Bible-based sessions per book, especially designed for groups of children with a wide age range. In Northern Ireland we have found that the Mosaic range works well in rural Churches that have less numbers and a wide age range of children and also in urban Churches where there are a wide age range of Children that have fluctuating numbers. Mosaic has also been very helpful for churches that don’t have a large budget to buy children a workbook each. Mosaic is part of the Light range and uses the same structure as the Bubbles, Splash, Xstream and Grid leaders guides. The range currently has seven books that can be used at any time of the year and in any order. There is also another book in the Mosaic range that specifically covers special times of the year like Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

Bible Timelines


Does the story of Moses come before or after David, in the Bible? Was Paul around at the same time as Jesus? For most of us, Bible reading, teaching or sermons happen piecemeal – a verse here, a chapter there, maybe a complete letter or a short book. The three different timelines are here to help you see God’s big story in its historical order. With a combination of colour illustrations, a list of key dates and brief, explanatory text they can be used with children from early years to teens. They are designed to work alongside Bubbles, Splash, Xstream and Grid, Scripture Union’s curriculum resources for children from nursery age up to fourteen but can also be used as a stand alone resource. Each pack contains the four-part illustrated timeline poster with adhesive strips, ready to be joined together, together with suggestions for actitivites to use with children.



Want to ignite the power of God’s Word in young people’s lives? Boom! allows you to do just that. What could be more explosive than helping a young person encounter God through the Bible? Inside, you’ll find 60 activities, going through the Bible from Creation to Revelation. Each one has been written for use with young people on the fringes or outside a church community, and assumes little or no previous knowledge. Using these activities, you’ll be able to let your young people loose on the Bible and allow God to speak to them through it. It may not be an easy journey, but what an adventure you’ll all go on!


img_2586SUbstance will take your young people and develop them in their faith. The easy-to-use, highly adaptable leaders’ guide will help you create sessions that will enable your group to delve deeper into the Bible. SUbstance sessions encourage and challenge, engage and equip, and allow for times of quiet reflection, alongside loud debate, laughter, and in-depth Bible study. Whatever their level of faith or understanding of the Bible, young people will develop through the practical focus on application which runs throughout this discipleship resource. The Substance series is undated, so can be used at anytime, in any book order.


Be Live Pray

img_2587Packed with creative prayer activities to do alone or with others. This book will challenge 14 to 18s to think more about their own prayer life. Subjects covered include: The Bible, Jesus’ example, God’s character, The world around us, Other people, Our Christian heritage, The Holy Spirit and Our individuality. Inside, you’ll find out that prayer is not just about shutting yourself in your bedroom and having a ‘Quiet Time’. You can go outside to pray, use pieces of art, say ancient prayers from Christian traditions, paint and draw, use the Bible and more. Get in touch with new ways to open up your prayer life and get in touch with God.



img_258840/40 is a resource with 40 days’ Bible readings and reflections for the morning and evening aimed at helping the individual renew their mind. The biblical starting point is Romans 12:2: ‘…be transformed by the renewing of your mind’. The author challenges readers through this guide to: ‘Fight thought-disease and make your mind a healthier place” and journal as you go.