A series of assembles designed to take primary school children through the Bible.

We are in the process of developing a series of 72 assemblies designed to take children through the Bible in the course of three years. As well as giving an overview of the Bible story, the assemblies provide an opportunity for children to explore key Christian beliefs and their application to life today. These Bible Time Line Assemblies are free to download and may be used by teachers, ministers and others who lead assemblies regularly in primary schools.

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The Bible
1. The Word of GodPDFPowerPoint
2. Light to Live ByPDF 
3. One Big StoryPDF
In The Beginning
4. CreationPDFPowerPoint
5. FallPDFPowerPoint
6. NoahPDFPowerPoint
Abraham’s Family 
7. The Birth of IsaacPDFPowerPointSong 
8. Jacob and EsauPDFVisual
9. JosephPDFPowerpoint
Christmas Assembly
10. Getting Ready For ChristmasPDFPowerPoint 
Who Jesus is: one of us
11. Jesus the BoyPDF PowerPointVisuals
12. Jesus Is BaptisedPDFPowerPoint
13.  Jesus Is TemptedPDFPowerPoint
Who Jesus Is: Son Of God
14. Jesus Heals A Paralysed ManPDFPowerPointSong
15. Jesus Calms A StormPDF 
16. Jesus Feeds Five ThousandPDFPowerPoint
Our Father God
17. Our Father GodPDFPowerPoint
18. Giving In SecretPDF
19. Don’t WorryPDFPowerPoint
Easter 1
20. The Meaning of The CrossPDF PowerPointVisuals
The Holy Spirit
21. PentecostPDF
22. Peter Heals a Lame ManPDF
23. Peter and John are ArrestedPDF
24. Philip And The Ethiopian OfficialPDF
Red Sea Rescue
25. Moses is BornPDFPowerPoint
26.The Burning BushPDFPowerPoint
27. Red Sea RescuePDF PowerPoint
Belong to God
28. The Ten CommandmentsPDFPowerPoint
29. God’s TentPDFPowerPoint
30. The Twelve SpiesPDFPowerPoint
Living God’s Way
31. GideonPDFPowerPoint
32. Ruth (Obed’s Family Tree)PDFPowerPoint
33. Samuel (Are You Listening?)PDF
Christmas 2
34. God’s Christmas Gift LabelPDF
Good News
35. The SowerPDF
36. The Hidden TreasurePDF
37. The Big PartyPDF
Kingdom Life
38. The Good SamaritanPDF PowerPoint
39. The Unforgiving ServantPDFPowerPointDrama
40. The Wise And Foolish BuildersPDFPowerPoint
A Different Kind of King
41. Jesus Enters JerusalemPDFPowerPoint
42. Jesus Washes His Disciples’FeetPDF
43. Jesus Is CrucifiedPDFPowerPoint
Easter 2
44. The Road To EmmausPDFPowerPoint
The First Christians
45. A Witnessing CommunityPDFPowerPoint
46. A Loving CommunityPDF
47. A Praying CommunityPDF
48.  Barnabas and SaulPDFPowerPoint
God’s Choosen King
49. David Is ChosenPDF
50. David And GoliathPDFDrama Script
51. David And JonathanPDF
God Speaks
52. ElijahPDF
53. JonahPDFVisual
54. IsaiahPDFPowerPoint
The Chosen Few
55. DanielPDF
56. EstherPDFPowerPoint
57. NehemiahPDFPowerPointBacking Track
Christmas 3
58. Jesus The Perfect GiftPDF
Jesus Makes a Difference
59. Jesus Goes to a WeddingPDFPowerPoint
60.The Touch of JesusPDF
61. The Man Born BlindPDFPowerPoint
Lost and Found
62.The Lost SheepPDFPowerPoint
63. The Pharisee & The Tax CollectorPDF
64. ZacchaeusPDF
Jesus and Peter
65. Jesus Calls Peter to Follow HimPDF
66. Who Do You Say I Am?PDFPowerPoint
67. Peter Walks on WaterPDF
68. A Picnic on the BeachPDFPowerPoint
Paul Spreads the Good News
69. Saul’s ConversionPDF
70. Paul and Silas In PhilippiPDFPowerPoint
71. Paul Spreads the Good NewsPDFPowerPoint
72. The Gift Of GodPDF