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There are a number of specific lessons that we can offer, all linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Religious Education


  • The Amazing Jesus is a set of three lessons for KS2 pupils, helping them to explore some of the miracles that Jesus performed and to discover what we can learn about Jesus from them.


  • Its Your Move is a set of three lessons designed to help P7 pupils as they prepare to move to post-primary schools. As well as offering lots of practical advice to help them settle in well and make the most of the time they will have there, the lessons also provide an opportunity for pupils to consider the teaching of the Bible and its relevance to the issues they will face at this crucial stage in their lives.


  • The Amazing Journey To Bethlehem is a one-off lesson exploring the Bible’s account of the birth of Jesus and it’s significance for Christians.


  • What Is The Bible? Is a one-off lesson for P3 – P4 pupils, helping them to explore what Christians believe about the Bible and what makes it special.


With notice, we can also arrange to deliver an RE lesson on a topic of your choice. For further information please email Paul by clicking here, or telephone 028 9073 4365.