Schools Live
The Scripture Union Schools Live website provides Bible-based resources for Christian groups in schools, and puts a wealth of activities and ideas for your work with children and young people at your fingertips.

A fresh weekly programme outline, with plenty of activities for you to choose from, is available free of charge for each week of the school year from the SUPA Club section of the website. The website also provides access to an archive of hundreds more activities and ideas.

You will need to register in order to use Schools Live, but it’s free and entirely painless. To find out more and / or to register, click here.

For a list of websites that can be useful for gathering resources for SU Groups please click here.

Resource Centre
A wide range of resources suitable for use in primary school SU groups is available from our Resource Centre. Please note that Scripture Union offers 10% discount to the leaders of affiliated groups on all items purchased for use in their groups.


Three Year Outline 

Here you will find 8 week outlines with ideas of what to do with your SU group.
The resource can be used over a period of 3 years.

Gospel Overview Series

Bible Image Series

I AM Series

The Next Move

Thinking about moving from your school is a big step and we think it is important to help pupils with their next move, listen to a couple of teachers on their thoughts and advice into this topic