In this section you will find a range of items for you to download. Simply click on the title in each case to download the relevant material.

Below is a video of Paul and Phil explaining the different sections of your ‘What is an SU‘ handbook. Why not give it a watch…


What Is An SU Group?

The handbooks below are full of practical information and advice for the leaders of SU groups in schools.

The Primary Schools Handbook

The Secondary Schools Handbook


Resources Lists
These are lists of resources that are available from the Resource Centre and are recommended for use in school SU groups.

Resources for Primary School Groups

Resources for Post-Primary School Groups


Other Downloads

Snapshots are Bible reading notes for 8 to 11s. Each day children will discover more about God through a short Bible reading and a variety of other activities. Click here to download an information and ordering leaflet for children interested in receiving Snapshots.

Song List 

This is a list of praise songs that SU staff recommend for use in primary school SU groups along with details of where to find them

Guardians of Ancora

Use this as a poster or flyer to advertise Guardians Of Ancora – the new Bible discovery tablet game from Scripture Union — in your school or in your group.


Child Protection Guidelines For SU Leaders
This is a leaflet of child protection guidelines for SU leaders. Please ensure that each of the adults involved in your group receive a copy of and comply with these guidelines.

Applying To Be An SU Leader
Please give this give a copy of this leaflet to anyone interested in becoming involved as a leader in your SU group.

Doctrinal and Policy Guidelines
This is a leaflet of doctrinal and policy guidelines for all those involved in Scripture Union activities. Anyone involved as a leader in a school SU group is expected to be in agreement with these.