Shine in Schools

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The SHINE project is a joint initiative run by Crown Jesus Ministries, Scripture Union Northern Ireland and Logos Ministries International.

 What is SHINE?

SHINE is all about encouraging schools in prayer and outreach. We will provide videos/resources to each school to help teach, enthuse and encourage your SU group. There are two weeks of preparation, one week of prayer and a week of outreach.

When is SHINE?

In the past SHINE has happened during the month of October. Following feedback from teachers we have now moved it to the month of November. This is to allow an extra month for people to settle into school life, allow a bit more time for planning but also to still be close enough to the start of the year that it can act as a spring board for the rest of the school year. It will also be directly after half term so everyone should be feeling fresh and ready to go.

Why take part in SHINE?

Firstly, SHINE is not designed to be a burden on teachers or pupils. We hope that it is in fact the opposite. We want to help, resource and encourage you in your work for God in school understanding that you are already very busy with other school commitments.

SHINE can help bring a focus to prayer and outreach for your SU group while providing ideas and resources to carry it out.

Finally, this project is a great way to be part of something bigger right across the country. With each school taking part at the same time, the impact is massive and knowing that many others are taking part is always a great encouragement.

What now?

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