We are passionate about young people connecting with God through a regular rhythm of bible reading and prayer. To help with this we have developed several multi-session programmes to be delivered to SU groups based around several different themes.


Inspired by John 10:10, the ten10 programme aims to help school pupils discover more of this life to the full that Jesus promises.

The ten10 sessions focus on the character of Daniel, and we desire that God will reveal more of Himself to those who participate, and that they will develop an intimacy with Him. Alongside these sessions we have developed a devotional booklet to to enable young people to follow up on what they have discovered.

If you would like more information about it email rick@suni.co.uk

Other programmes

a 3-week programme helping pupils see the Bible with fresh eyes and helping them open up this book

Flicker or Flame
a 2-week follow up programme, focusing on hearing God’s voice and putting His words into action

The Real Jesus
up to 4 sessions can be offered using teaching, multimedia, group work and creative responses, all aimed at encountering the real Jesus.

all about helping young people find and discover their true identity in who God has made them to be.

Mixed with multimedia, pupil interaction and bible teaching from the front, these programmes are designed to provide the challenge to pick up the bible more regularly, but also to actually bring pupils face to face with the living pages of Scripture there and then in the midst of each session.

These programmes have been delivered in around 60 schools, involving both Junior and Senior SU groups. Through it all, it’s our prayer that all over the country young people will encounter God in a very real way through the pages of Scripture. From the rooms of an SU group at lunchtime or after school, to the rooms of their homes as they pick up their bibles on their own.

Please get in touch if it would be helpful to you for us to come to your group and support you in this way.


Please contact the schools team if you would be interested in:

  • starting a Scripture Union group in a secondary school.
  • helping to lead a Scripture Union group in a secondary school.
  • receiving help or advice in relation to your secondary school group.

Prayer News

Please click here to see a list of secondary schools in which there is an SU group at present and, where available, the latest prayer news from each group.