Resources for Primary School groups

Here you’ll find details of resources to help you run your group.  A full list of recommended resources is also available to download here

Schools Live

The Scripture Union Schools Live website provides Bible-based resources for Christian groups in schools, and puts a wealth of activities and ideas for your work with children and young people at your fingertips.

A fresh weekly programme outline, with plenty of activities for you to choose from, is available free of charge for each week of the school year from the SUPA Club section of the website. The website also provides access to an archive of hundreds more activities and ideas.

You will need to register in order to use Schools Live, but it’s free and entirely painless. To find out more and / or to register, click here.

Follow Jesus

A flexible six week programme outline exploring what it means to follow Jesus.

Fruit Of The Spirit 

An eleven week series designed to help children discover how they can grow to be more like Jesus.

All Through History 

This is a six week programme exploring God’s faithfulness as seen in the lives of the Bible characters featured in the song ‘All Through History’ and what it means for us to live our lives for Him.

My God Is So Big

A twelve-week programme based on the song ‘My God Is So Big’ by GoFish Guys. The lyrics walk through the Bible exploring some of God’s encounters with His people.

Heroes of Faith

A twelve week programme focusing on the theme of faith in the book of Hebrews.

Xpedition Force

A five week SU programme exploring the last week of Jesus’ life using all five of our senses.