General Downloads

Here you’ll find all the information and policy documents, posters and forms you will need to help you run your group. A wide range of resources are also available to download from the ‘Resources for Primary School groups’ and Resources for Post-Primary School groups sections of the SU Leaders Area

  • Meet The Schools Team
    Meet the members of staff from Scripture Union who are available to be involved in schools in various ways throughout the year.
  • Applying To Be An SU Leader
    Please give this give a copy of this leaflet to anyone interested in becoming involved as a leader in your SU group.
  • Doctrinal and Policy Guidelines
    This is a leaflet of doctrinal and policy guidelines for all those involved in Scripture Union activities. Anyone involved as a leader in a school SU group is expected to be in agreement with these.
  • Child Protection Guidelines For SU Leaders
    This is a leaflet of child protection guidelines for SU leaders. Please ensure that each of the adults involved in your group receive a copy of and comply with these guidelines.
  • Disclosure Report Form
    This is the form you should use if you need to report any disclosures or suspicions of abuse in relation to children or volunteers involved in your group to Scripture Union.
  • Online Concern Form
    Please use this form to record details of any concerns about online presence/communication connected with a Scripture Union activity.S
  • School SU Permission Slip
    A sample form, which you might use to inform parents of your primary school SU group and to obtain permission from them for their children to attend.
  • Posters
    Can be used to advertise your group or special event.
  • Bible Reading Guides 2019                                                                                                                           A range of Bible reading notes for 7s to 11s is available to order from the Scripture Union Resource Centre. Click here to download an information leaflet and order form for any children in your group who might be interested.
  • Song List  
    This is a list of praise songs that SU staff recommend for use in primary school SU groups along with details of where to find them