Back to School with God Sunday


As part of our aim to empower the local Church to pray, get involved and support Schools’ Ministry, SUNI have devised, alongside SU Scotland, our Back to School with God Sunday. A Back to School with God Sunday church service is a fantastic, practical way to pray for and encourage your young people and school staff at the start of a new school year, showing them that God and His Church are interested in their everyday lives.

What is Back to School with God Sunday?

A wide variety of churches, both large and small, some with few children and others with many, mark the start of a new academic year by holding a Back to School with God Sunday service. There is no set date for Back to School with God Sunday – just pick a date at the end of August or early September that suits.

Back to School with God Sunday aims to:

  • raise awareness of prayer for schools in general and the need for the Church to pray for local schools in particular;
  • support and encourage Christian pupils and staff in their daily life at school, and as part of this, to let them know they are valued and prayed for by the local church;
  • challenge Christian pupils and staff to live out their faith in the school environment, and in particular to support any Christian witness in their school.

All denominations have used our resources, and not just in the UK but across the world. Many churches use the service as an outreach to a school community, inviting them along to be part of it. It is recommended that you involve children and young people in the service, particularly in praying for their schools

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