Mark Beattie, principal of The Diamond Primary School, Ballymena. As a parent, church member and principal, Mark understands the various contexts that attendees will be working in, and will inspire us with his passion and experience.

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The Changing Face of the Classroom
David Smyth, Evangelical Alliance

Shifts in society are being reflected in the classroom – how do Christian pupils and staff engage with lifestyle choices and ideologies that seem contrary to Scripture? This seminar seeks to look at some of the big topics of the day and how we might respond.

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A Safe Space?
Chaired by Leanne Dunlop (SUNI)

Life is becoming increasingly complex for children and young people, meaning that school communities have a range of individual emotional and spiritual needs within them. This seminar looks at Chaplaincy as a developing model of Pastoral Care and Spiritual support and how the Church in Northern Ireland might be involved. 

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Joel Hutchinson (SUNI) and Andy Brown (Stranmillis University College)

This seminar looks at the role of Church and Christian representation on Boards of Governors, and why we should be making the most of the opportunities afforded to us.

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Being a Godly Teacher
Gary Halliday (Vice-Principal, Gilnahirk Primary School)

Teaching is always an influential role, but a Christian teacher has a unique opportunity to show what Jesus means to them, even in the pressurised environment that a classroom can sometimes bring. This seminar will encourage you as you seek to live for Jesus in front of children and young people who miss nothing!

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SU – Not just another club
Lyndsey Marks (SUNI), James Cousley (Orangefield Primary School) and Simon Cardwell (Armagh Royal School)

Thousands of us attended an SU Group during our school days, and many cite them as being hugely influential in the development of their faith and their understanding of Community, Bible, Discipleship and Mission. Come and be inspired by the value and potential of your SU Group, or investigate starting one for the first time.

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Meeting the Needs of the Curriculum
Andy Brown (Stranmillis University College)

The Northern Ireland curriculum is steeped in Christian principles and the teaching of Christian faith is enshrined in legislation – so why do so many of us find it difficult to even find the time to teach a topic that means so much to us? Andy will help us think through some of these issues. 

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An Inclusive God
Anita Conkey (SUNI) and Mark Moorhead (SUNI)

Jesus instructed His disciples to go into all the world and teach about Him. This seminar is designed to think about what that might look like when the children and young people you’re seeking to include and teach have additional needs (intellectually, linguistically, socially).

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List of songs and clips referenced in this seminar:

  1. The Wise Man built his house, Through the Waters Media Productions God told Noah to build an Ark , Calvary kids
  2. God’s love is bigger that a burger, Doug Horley (Chuffed)
  3. My God is big and strong, Saddleback Kids
  4. Touch a finger, touch a thumb, Doug Horley (Whoopah Wahay)
  5. Feeding of 5000 story –, Kids on the move