Assess whether or not it is desirable that a group be established in the school at this time. As part of this process you may wish to consult with local ministers, with other Christians and with Scripture Union.

Ask the Lord. Prayerfully consider your own availability to lead the group and seek out other adults to assist you.

Approach the principal and request permission from the school authorities for a group to be started in the school and for any adults who are interested to be involved as leaders.

Apply for affiliation to Scripture Union. For details of our affiliation scheme please click here.

If your group wishes to be affiliated to Scripture Union, please complete the Registration Form which you can download here and return it to us at the address given. Please also ensure that any adults who wish to be involved as leaders apply for approval online at

Arrange to meet with all those who wish to be involved as leaders to pray and to plan a programme for your group.

Advertise the starting date for your group and send permission slips home with any children who are interested. Inform the local churches and any Christian parents whom you may know about the group and ask them to pray for you.

Primary School Groups

Scripture Union groups are voluntary Christian groups which meet regularly on school premises. They are interdenominational and, in primary schools, normally cater for children in the upper years who attend with the permission of their parents.

The number of Scripture Union groups meeting in primary schools is growing all the time. The first groups were formed in the fifties and sixties but in recent years many new groups have been formed and there are around 180 of them.

These groups are as varied as the schools they meet in. Most meet once a week after school, but some run less frequently and some meet at lunch-time. There are groups with just a few pupils in a setting where they can interact easily with the leaders. There are groups where it takes the assembly hall to hold everybody!

Leaders are usually either members of staff of the school or volunteers from the local community. Coordinators are approved both by the principal and by Scripture Union and all are approved by the school in accordance with the DENI guidelines on child protection.

Scripture Union staff members are available throughout the year to advise SU leaders and to take part in SU meetings. We make it a priority to visit groups as often as we can and leaders are encouraged to contact us at any time with any news, requests, queries or concerns they may have.

Our vision is to provide children. especially in the upper years of primary school, with the opportunity to find out for themselves what the Bible says, especially about Jesus, and to enable them to respond to Him in ways that are appropriate to their level of understanding.

Within the SU group and the setting of the school it is also envisaged that children will be nurtured and cared for and that they will be given opportunities to develop their gifts, to care for one another, to share their faith with their friends and to serve the school community.

Please contact Paul Cameron if you would be interested in:

  • starting a Scripture Union group in a primary school.
  • helping to lead a Scripture Union group in a primary school.
  • receiving help or advice in relation to your primary school group.