Global Week of Prayer

For many years the first week of November has been dedicated as our global week of prayer as a worldwide Scripture Union community. Staff, volunteers, supporters and everybody who loves the work of SU is invited to join with us. This week each movement throughout the world has been given a day to pray for the work of SU. SUNI’s day is Tuesday 6 November.
Please join us and spend some time today praying for the work of SU, not just in NI but throughout the world.

Here are some prayer points…


Praise God for who he is.
Praise God for what he has done through SU in the past year…

a. Locally

  • In the lives of children and young people
  • In the local SU movement (finances, board, staff, volunteers, partners)

b. Globally

  • God has created a sense of unity and partnership between different SU movements world-wide
  • The new Global Board has begun its work and is growing in unity, picking up the crucial issues of aglobal movement and working towards a strategy
  • The Global Team has found a good way of working together. It has developed programs andresources that will help national movements to grow in ministry and sustainability
  • There is a strong commitment of many SU leaders around the world to invest into our global community by giving finances or people.

Prayer Requests

  • for children, young people, and families in your own country and worldwide. For those who are amongst the most vulnerable
  • For those affected by poverty, war, violence, natural disasters and disease For those we connect with in our ministries
  • For those who are not reached by churches or other Christian organisations

Pray especially:

  • for fresh vision.
  • For spiritual renewal and refreshment of our staff, volunteers and leaders, a deep desire to engage with God ́s word and a new readiness to live it out
  • That we are willing to review our current way of doing ministry and develop new ways of working so that we are able to reach the young generation with the good news of Jesus
  • That God may show us where needs and opportunities exist and how SU may respond
  • That we are willing to leave our comfort zone in order to reach those who are not so easy to reach.
  • for the leadership in your own country and worldwide. Pray especially:
  • For our nation ́s leaders and our politicians. Pray for wise decisions und for a climate of peace and (religious) freedom
  • For our leaders on boards, councils, committees locally and globally
  • For our leading staff who can sometimes be quite lonely in their roles
  • For right appointments and transitioning of new leaders
  • for our staff and volunteers. Pray especially:
  • For a deep commitment to serve children, young and people and families
  • For a new willingness to invest time, creativity and resources
  • For our young leaders, that they get ready to step up and take their place in our communities and in SU – and that they will be given responsibility and trust by the older generation.
  • for the resources we need. Pray especially:
  • That God may raise people who are willing to contribute to the vision and mission He has given us
  • That we are ready to share and support each other, especially our brothers and sisters in restricted or dangerous countries
  • for the Global Community. Pray especially:
  • That we deepen our relationships with each other and develop new ways of partnering
  • That the Community Groups become helpful places of pastoral care, creative thinking and learning, and mutual ministry support
  • That SUI will become a helpful catalyst for ministry and sustainability.