What impacted me most at CSSM last year was my small group of 14 year-old girls. Every afternoon the six of us did a Bible study together. We talked, we laughed, and occasionally we cried. Probably the hardest part of my two weeks at CSSM was listening to these amazing girls open up and share about their struggles and insecurities. It broke my heart to see such young girls believe the lies that the world, the media and their peers were telling them. As leaders, we knew we had to begin to address the huge issue of where we find our identity. I hope I never forget the privilege it was to share with those girls what God’s Word says about them – that they are loved, beautiful, accepted, forgiven, and worth more to God than they can imagine. It was such a blessing to see them begin to grasp some of these truths, and to watch them figure out together what it looks like to know who they are in Christ, and how to follow Him. I am still learning to remember these truths about who I am, and so I can only pray that the girls from my small group continue to grow in the knowledge of who they really are. It reminds me of the importance of what we do – even if only for a fortnight. How amazing to speak God’s truth into the lives of young people…I’m excited for what this summer holds!

Ruth Houston,
Portballintrae CSSM