Titles_3Our SU happens on a Tuesday from 3 to 4pm. You can go to it from P4 all the way up to P7. Around 100 or so pupils attend every week. All the pupils that go thoroughly enjoy this.

Every year the P4’s and P5’s have a trip to Cultra. They go from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I went in P5. It was good fun but not as good as Castlewellan. There is also a trip with the P6’s and P7’s, only they go to Castlewellan Castle. This year at Castlewellan we had a really fun and full timetable. We also had some fun free time to think to ourselves and pray. We did many walks, activities and outdoor and indoor games. On all trips we have a speaker. This year, on the Castlewellan Trip we had Paul Cameron. He was very enthusiastic about what he was doing and was a great support to the trip. We learnt many fun songs and played great games with him too. He was a really nice man to know…(PS Paul’s song is still in my head now!!! “I’m heading back to Philemon’s villa, every night I’ve been huggin’ my pilla!!!” It was great) He was very inspirational…

Nearly every week we had a guest speaker – Johnny, Paul and even our own caretaker, Richard, who used to be a youth worker. All speakers have different formats, especially Terry Kirkpatrick who rapped praise songs. It was pretty epic!!!

When we go into SU we get seated, P7’s on the bench of course, and start straight into worship. Then we have our talk or lesson. We then have our awards and then leave. After our quiz that is…

We have three awards in SU. Best boy and girl and best year group. Funnily enough, my year group P7 always seem to get the most points and therefore get the amazing CRÈME EGG at the end of the second term (when SU ends) We also get sweets every week if we are the best year group.

My favourite things about Scripture Union were the speakers, the freedom and the fun. I went to SU every single week from P4 when we started. I invited Rachel Armstrong too ;)My favourite speakers were Paul Cameron and Terry Kirkpatrick. I am sad to leave this SU, but hope it will be as much fun in my next school too!!!

Erin Manson P7 pupil at Ballyclare Primary School