What has been your highlight of the year?

“It’s all about Jesus…”

With such a busy, challenging schedule as an SUNI intern, it is difficult to pinpoint just one highlight of this year. However what I think has been most invaluable is the time I have spent reading and discussing the Bible and different books with others. Throughout the year, Lyndsey and I have been encouraged to read from a book list, one book per month, as well as the set reading for our staff book club which meets monthly.  Alongside this, we have been making our way through a Bible-in-a-year programme and meeting every 6 weeks with a minister from Belfast for questions and mentoring. This year has provided me with space to read and reflect and grow.

Something, which has become very clear to me during this process, is that the Bible in its entirety is ultimately about Jesus. More and more I am being reminded that the Bible is all about Jesus, every verse, every story. That may seem like a strange thing to say or perhaps you think it’s obvious but when I consider how often I’ve read the Bible thinking that it’s about me, or it’s about a Biblical hero, I’m glad of this realisation. When we read the Bible making it about ourselves, we can become overwhelmed with a sense of insufficiency. We may feel any number of failings or downfalls. Yet when we read the Bible with a sense of it being about our Lord and what He has accomplished, we can be totally sure of the completion of His task and that brings a fresh light to the words that I read. This has transformed how I read the Bible and how I deliver its message to children and young people.

Sarah Kernohan – SU intern



What a year! As the SU internship draws to an end and I look back at the variety of work I have been involved with, I can’t believe how quickly this year has passed. Time flies when you’re having fun! This year has been an amazing opportunity to try my hand at various tasks and situations I may otherwise not have had  – and I have loved every minute! There have been such a range of roles, from participation in the Unite event in the City Hall back in March, to the camps and missions weekend, church speaking events, or even engaging with the Bible-in-a-year. It is so hard to choose one thing in particular which has stood out to me as an overall highlight.

I think the core part to all of those occasions that inspired me the most were the times spent in conversation with people, young and old, volunteer, pupil and colleague alike. Getting the chance to see God reflected in the lives of such different people, in different walks of life. These opportunities have been a blessing to me in a personal way, having the privilege to see and view God differently in the way others connect to Him. That is something I will certainly treasure and take away with me. I want to continue to be purposeful in conversations, building relationships with those I come into contact with, in order to connect with others and make time for them. I want to make the most of each opportunity to grow in my own relationship with God and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Lyndsey Miles (SU Intern)