I’ve been involved with Scripture Union Youth Council since its inception some 7 or 8 years ago. Never once do I come away from our meetings feeling rested, but I always come away challenged and with food for thought and an appetite for action!

Scripture Union Youth Council is made up of a group of around 20 young people with various SU backgrounds. Some from school SU group experience, others who have served on camps and missions and some members of staff. Many different experiences of SU, folk from school, university and the world of work, but all with a common heart for SU and a heart to see all children and young people in N. Ireland reached with the good news of Jesus.

This year we spent time looking at two words that form a subtle foundation to SU’s strategy for the next five years – reliance and depth. If we’re going to use these two words in such an integral manner, we felt it valuable to really spend time together in prayer, in God’s Word and in discussion exploring the meaning of these words and the context in which we use them.

As leader of this group of young people I felt blessed that I had had several weeks head start to think through these words in my own time. God really moved me and spoke to me through two passages of scripture, which got under my skin and into my blood in a way that only God can bring about!

In Psalm 63, evidence of the depth in David’s relationship with God oozes out of his words and I found myself hungry for that same level of depth in my own walk with God. We spent time corporately looking at this passage. What it means for us to have depth in our relationship with God and what it means for SU to be an organisation that has depth in its ministry. That we are an organisation that isn’t just interested in making “converts” but that we’re an organisation that with every ounce of our energy is longing to see young people become followers of Christ, pouring our hearts and souls into providing young people with the opportunity to discover God and see depth nurtured in their relationships with Him.

We shared an incredibly powerful few hours on the Saturday morning turning our thoughts towards the topic of reliance. We simply read John 15, The Vine and the Branches, aloud together three times and then left space. Left space to read, to meditate on the words, to pray into them, to hear from God.  The discussion that followed was hugely powerful and significant. To hear God speak through what He had been saying to different folk in the group brought to the life the idea of the vine. The picture that we all are connected to each other in and through Christ and that if we do not remain in Him we can do nothing served both as a warning and a comforting encouragement to us as individuals and an organisation.

As I look back over the last number of years I’m very thankful for opportunities God has given me to serve him in a leadership capacity. I’ve often found these have been times where I’ve evidently seen God at work, where I’ve seen amazing answers to prayer. I’ve seen the beauty of the church as I’ve served alongside brothers and sisters in Christ and enjoyed the richness that this has brought. Times when I’ve been asked to prepare a talk or to lead others in a Bible study have often been times when God has spoken to me and taught me through my preparation. This is a reminder of the importance to study God’s Word as intentionally in my own time with Him as well in preparation for something.

I’m so thankful to have been involved in SUNI Youth Council. I have been challenged both as an individual and as part of an organisation that places huge importance on reliance and depth

Kyle Alexander – Youth Council Leader