Whilst more and more young people today have little or no connection with church, all of them go to school. Schools are places of learning and influence. Centres of our communities. Open to the curiosity, questioning and honesty of the children and young people who fill their corridors and classrooms. Mission fields on our doorsteps. Communities of people who need our prayers.

As God’s people together, it is our privilege and responsibility to ‘tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done.’ Psalm 78:4

The E3 Schools project is a model of delivering schools ministry at localised level by dividing Northern Ireland into districts and employing schools workers in each area. Backed up by local volunteers and support teams, and working alongside local churches, E3 describes our 3 main aims:

ENGAGING schools pupils with the opportunities and resources that may lead them to encountering Jesus through His word, praying that they can make an informed decision about Jesus and His truth.

EQUIPPING Christian teachers and pupils by giving them support and encouragement to facilitate growth in Christian maturity and to encourage them to be salt and light in their schools.

EMPOWERING churches to actively pray, support and get involved in Schools Ministry by partnering with the E3 Schools Project.

All E3 Projects should be completely financed by donations from local churches, groups and individuals. In order to ensure long term financial security for the project we aim to raise £30,000 each year. If you can help to support us in this way click here.

At the moment E3 is operational in 7 areas across N.Ireland. Longer term, it is our desire to have E3 Workers all across the country!  If your area is interested in setting up the project get in touch with Leanne Dunlop, Field Ministries Director leanne@suni.co.uk or Mark Moorhead, Schools Ministry Manager  mark@suni.co.uk

Click here to meet our workers and to find out more information about an E3 area near you.

Tel: 028 9045 4806